Our world is changing and this has forced people from all around the world to work from home. The latest challenge has become staying connected with your team and producing results when the only contact you have is through a screen.

The truth is – this is new territory. As an entire kind, we are still figuring out how exactly to navigate flawlessly. So how do we tackle this as leaders? How do we not only keep the boat afloat but chart excellently through these stormy seas?

The first is through Trust.

“Without Trust, we don’t truly collaborate; we merely coordinate, or, at best, cooperate. It is Trust that transforms a group of people into a team.” – Stephen M.R. Covey

without trust we don't truly collaborate - Google Search ...

It’s the glue that holds us together – and can extend itself through multiple devices and noise. Trust has been said to be the cornerstone of leadership – without its majestic powers, you may lose all influence.

We build Trust through displaying character.

Character is an immensely valuable thing for every leader. Your team has to know they can count on you. They need to know you are still consistent with everything you stood for in the office. They need to know that you are resilient and see you rebel against just accepting bad odds. They need to have confidence that you know where you are headed and trust that you are strong enough to guide them there. Character and competence usually go together. However, an occasional lack of competence can often be overlooked or forgiven by others. A lack of character will not.

The second is through preparation.

It is our responsibility as captains to put in the necessary time to prepare for whichever storms are ahead – whether you are the leader at a corporate company or a leader at home. Here’s a basic preparedness plan;

  • Determine where you’re headed based on current information
  • Create goals and priorities
  • Allow for acceptance and buy-in from members of your team
  • Action
  • Monitor problems
  • Review and innovate

Preparedness is a confidence booster. It tells your team that you are informed and equipped enough to handle the challenges ahead. It gives them the confidence to follow your command. It also gives them security in knowing that you know what you’re doing. Communicate your preparedness plans to your team members – let them know what the waves look like and how you are riding out of each of them. The transparency will be appreciated and will in turn eliminate conspiracies being created among them.


We do not know what the future holds. From here on it might become even more difficult to plan for it. What remains important, is that you are the beacon of hope for your teams. They need us to navigate them – now more than ever.



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