How to implement what you have learned and change habits easier

We’ve all read the books, we’ve listened to the podcasts, we have attended the seminars. We all want to know how to get to our next level of leadership, how to lead better, but what now? 

We get to a place where we have received knowledge through some sort of resource and now we have to make sense of the information and (here’s the scary part) actually implement what we have learned. I, too, sometimes struggle to implement (or at least test) what I have learned, so I will share with you a tip on how to navigate through at least one of your obstacles: the ability to create accountability and get your team to take action.

As humans we want full control over our choices on how we spend our time and effort, who we spend it with, etc. We choose what activities we enjoy and what our time is allocated for.

If this is taken away, or we are limited or restricted in any way, we feel like we are being deprived of something. When company policies and rules keep us from doing whatever we want, or even when we restrict ourselves by trying to cut down on eating so much cake or to break a bad habit and cut down on screen time.

The tip here is that we should change our angle. When we feel deprived of something, we long for it. We want our “freedom to choose” back. It has a tremendous effect on our mood, our state of mind and even our quality of work. It affects those around us and can have a serious impact on the production capability of the team. 

So what other angles do we have? 

We need to stop thinking of it as “something being taken away”, but rather that we choose for ourselves. 

And to make better choices, we must alter the “bad habit” in such a way that we no longer want to spend time doing it. 

I spoke about cutting down on screen time in a previous post (titled “3 Hours”). Deleting my social media apps and only checking messages at certain times have made a difference, but it wasn’t helping me get the results I wanted. So I realized that I should make my phone less attractive and appealing. If my phone was less attractive, I would CHOOSE to spend less time on it. 

It worked. I cut down on extra time by simply changing my screen display to Greyscale (I dare you to try it out and be surprised by how boring your phone can be without color!). 

As a leader, we have to create accountability within our teams. We have to delegate tasks and trust that they will be executed with enthusiasm and excellence. We don’t always get to the results we wanted because our teams don’t take responsibility. 
So we have to change the angle.

When you have a team of people who are taking responsibility by their own accord through altering the task or rule’s desirability, they will almost always take accountability.

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