You have your unique lens through which you look onto daily life. Your experiences shape this lens – excellent and evil, your knowledge and exposure. And now you’re trying to find out if it’s the same shape and size as other leaders’ of the world.
Well, they come in many shapes and different variants. We are each born with a unique range of abilities. You may be naturally athletic or have a higher-than-average IQ. You might be naturally artistic, or you possess my favorite; The natural ability to connect with and influence people. You’ll know if you have it or not. Intuition. When you walk into a room, you can feel people’s energy. You can sense what they’re thinking and feeling. You know whether they are feeling positive and alive, or if they are demotivated or confused. You can somehow tune into the structure of the social hierarchy in the room, witnessing all of its key-elements and influences. It’s like you can take in and process information and generate a report on the dynamics of the team around you – all within a second. Like some Artificial Intelligence, except it’s precisely the opposite of artificial – it’s inside of you.

This is an ability that natural leaders are born with. Maybe you were, too. They carry it throughout their lives, some paying more mind to it than others. Only a few use and develop it throughout their lives, while others notice it but never learn to use it to their advantage. It works like a compass – guiding you through conversations and decisions, helping to make sense of our world, and all of it’s crazy. When you start developing this instinct, you get to take charge of it, and it will, in turn, become an asset – a tool in your “leadership toolbox.”

Now, if you don’t identify the feeling I’m describing, all is not lost. There are ways you can improve your leadership ability.

1. Input information

Read, Listen, Watch || Books, Podcasts, Video’s

2. Have Conversations

Talk to those who have these leadership abilities (whether natural or learned) and ask them to teach you about them.

3. Take charge

It might feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s what it takes.

Not sure if you have it?

Take this quiz to find out: What type of Leaders Lens do you have?

If you can manage these three steps and put them on repeat, it will snowball into a precious asset you can keep with you forever. Being born with something isn’t the sole way of gaining it. 

Make the investment – you’re worth it.

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