A leader’s lens

We each have our own lens through which we look onto life. These lenses are shaped by our experiences, our socio-economic statuses, general views, etc.
For instance, my motivation and purpose is being a facilitator of growth. I have (in my opinion) pretty cool shaped glasses. I see the world from a place where I am constantly looking for opportunities to develop and mature. 

Yours might be to solve problems or to simplify your environment. You can even have a similar purpose to mine, like that you want to help everyone you engage with or that you want to obtain results. 

I like knowing (or guessing) how people see things. I am curious to know how this is different from how I view them. As a curious human, I try to put myself in others’ shoes when situations come up. I try to understand their motives and reasoning behind their actions or decisions. This has given me the insight to begin to understand how I can grow their potential. It has helped me to take pro-active approaches at how I can grow the size of my projects and obtain favorable results. 

So when I watch a movie, I see mostly the opportunities for growth in the characters development and the operations they tend to. (Boring, I know!) 
But this made me wonder; From what angle is the critical thinker or the one who wants to simplify things watching the movie? What do you see different from what I am seeing?

I hope to hear.

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