3 Hours

What would you do if you received 3 extra hours every day?

Just indulge yourself and really try to imagine, having an extra 3 hours. Now what would you do? Would you go to the gym then? Would you read a chapter from your favorite book? Would you eventually make those phone calls to family members you’ve been promising to catch up with for weeks?

And what would you then do with your extra hours tomorrow? Would you spend time playing with your kids or taking them on an outing? Would you re-pack the cupboards and clean out your old wardrobe? Would you “spring – clean” the house or bring some order to the garage?

Let’s think about what you can achieve within a week then: If you had an extra 3 hours every day, you would have an extra 21 hours to spend however you like over the course of a week. That’s 1092 extra hours per year (an extra 45,5 days) and assuming you have another 40 odd years to live, that’s a little more than 4 years that you receive extra. Now, would you have obtained a degree in these years? Would you have done your post-grad? Perhaps started a business or written a book?

Maybe I’m being far-fetched as I say this, but I’ve recently discovered that I might be  on track to spending 4,986 years of my remaining life on something that brings me absolutely no knowledge, no advancement and ultimately no joy.

And that “something” is time-wasting phone apps. Oh yes, I went there. I recently deleted all my social media apps (and a few others for giggles) and was absolutely shocked that I now spend 3 hours (on average) less on my phone all thanks to the eye opening screen time tracker on my phone (thanks Apple).

At first, I was disappointed every time I picked up my phone, only to remember that those time wasting apps no longer had a place among my “iTunes store” and “Settings”. (And yes, as I habitually take my phone everywhere, I have started exploring my settings during bathroom breaks – quite interesting what you can do with your phone these days!).

It’s easy to answer my question about what I would do with 3 extra hours per day, but when that time suddenly opened up, I was really not sure what I would do anymore. Here I was thinking that I was a really effective person, until Apple showed me that I wasn’t.

Now I understand that it’s not a straight three hours that I now have extra, but it’s 180 minutes, all spread out through the day. So what do I do with 5 minutes here and 12 minutes there? Well, did you know that a TED talk (all kinds of topics) would take you approximately 10-15 minutes to watch, including taking notes? I never believed it, but a call to your mom can actually last only 5-8 minutes and that the more regularly you call, the quicker the check-in’s get! 😉

My absolute favorite book is called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and I was once again reminded of the principle that this book teaches (and I have obviously forgotten), that our habits, however small or insignificant they may seem at the time, all contribute to our larger being. What we do continuously will shape who we are and what we will become.

I want to become the best version of myself. I want to become a world-class leader and help others grow into their potential and procrastinating on social media “hangouts” won’t get me there.

Make a decision today. Decide what you want your ultimate destiny to be. Decide who you want to become and what impact you want to have on your world, on THE world. Decide what you need to do to get there. And when you are unsure of things, ask yourself this very important question:

“Is what I’m doing right now contributing to what I want to eventually become?”



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