The ABC’s of Leadership

You can google right now: “The 4 M’s of leadership”; “The 3 P’s of leadership”; “The 5 Cores of leadership”, etc. etc.

All 26 letters of the alphabet can bring you a whole dictionary of words to attach to leadership. There are so many concepts that have been put together to try and help leaders make sense of what they’re doing.

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with this. What I’m saying is: how about we start using our “gut” feeling more often and start trusting our own instincts. In fact, our “gut feelings” are basically quick calculations our brains make, based off of information it has processed.

So now you have read a few books on leadership, you have read those infamous “ABC articles” and you have been dealing with people all your life. Your brain has stored loads of data on body language, cultural differences, work ethics and other day-to-day activities through experiences. It has also stored information on how to follow procedures and step-by-step teachings from others’ writings. You have developed emotional intelligence and now understand why it’s important to treat others fairly, how to empathize and to handle social encounters.

You know all this. Already.

But still, we jump to our search engines whenever we have a big presentation coming up or when we have to deal with a difficult situation pertaining our roles. And I understand why. I do it, too. It’s because we want to add structure to what we are feeling. There often are no words for what our “guts” say we should do. We often lack the “ABC’s” to express ourselves. And that’s okay, too. We have an infinite amount of information that’s available and eager to be shared (and deserves to be read and applied).

Challenge yourself today. Make a commitment to following your gut more often:

G: Be more of a Go-Getter!
U: Stand Upright!
T: And show a little Tenacity!


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