Hello and good day!

I’d like to start off by telling you how long I’ve been putting this off, but I’m afraid me telling you how much I’ve procrastinated might not be the best introduction (haha) so I’d rather start by introducing myself.

I’m a 28 year old hard-headed, results-driven, highly motivated woman. I’ve worked in many industries and have always been applauded for my excellent work ethic and hands-on attitude. I’ve been leading a sales force for a few years and this is starting to sound like a resume so I’m going to stop right there and tell you what this is about instead 🙂

Have you ever considered yourself to be a leader? Your answer will probably be yes, that’s why you are reading this blog. So let me rephrase: when someone asks you to list your strengths, do you include leadership as one?

Many people don’t. And I’ve seen those same people fail to get accepted into prestige programs, or miss a promotion or ultimately fail at their goals because of this. It might sound simple – obviously you would answer “yes” if an interviewer asks you if you see yourself as a leader – who wouldn’t? But only those who truly believe that they are, will act like it.

So what if you think you believe it, but you’re not sure what it feels like?

Well to be honest, leadership feels difficult. It feels heavy. It feels like you have the world’s problems on your shoulders – because you have. It also feels light and exciting. It feels empowering and radiates inspiration. It has a will of it’s own and your job is to tame it. Sound familiar yet?

Call me the tamer. Pleased to meet you.

The journey of becoming an outstanding leader is at your feet. Take it with me.

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. But if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. – Unknown


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